There are several advantages of printing your pressure-sensitive labels digitally, but first, you might ask: “Why should I use pressure-sensitive labels for my project?” So, let’s define what a pressure-sensitive label is.

What is a Label?

A pressure-sensitive label is a material with adhesive glue on the back, printed and cut and trimmed most typically into a circular, oval, or rectangular shape. When you apply pressure, it adheres to most any surface. These labels are most commonly printed in large quantities on a flexographic press which lowers the cost and prints at higher speeds. There are a few benefits to using a pressure sensitive label:

  • Premium, modern look
  • Low cost when compared to direct printing
  • Resistant to fading in direct sunlight or exposure to ice water
  • No limits to design and color

Printing, Colors, Inks, and Materials

You can also print pressure-sensitive labels on a digital press. For example, perhaps you have a small prototype project and only need 300 labels instead of 30,000. You may want to choose digital printing in this case. Digitally printed labels are the perfect solution for shorter quantity runs. Digital printing has excellent quality, eliminates the cost of making print plates, reducing lead-time, and minimizes waste for shorter ready-to-print times. Digitally printed labels have perfect ink-to-ink trapping which means small, extremely detailed designs will print crisp and free of blots. Other print methods cannot deliver the same clarity. Digital pressure-sensitive labels can also be printed on a variety of material, including paper, film, foil, and others.

Digital labels from Traco Packaging are an inexpensive, high quality option for any company that needs a small to medium run. You could:

  • Market tests of new product in small quantities
  • Make event marketing products
  • Target promotions for region or seasonal goods
  • Make proofs for rapid turnarounds
  • Print runs requiring many different label versions

Digital Printing Technology

Digitally printing your labels will also allow you some additional benefits that aren’t possible with flexographic or rotogravure printing processes in the form of variable data printing (VDP) technology.

VDP technology allows you to make labels differ from each other in the same print run, printing 10 to thousands to millions of different labels. Whether you need consecutive numbering, sequential individual barcodes, variable text, titles, branding, or artwork, digital labels are a versatile option for any project. Using digital labels, you can easily run unique, targeted promotions or simply test market a variety of different designs and messaging, all with high quality. Digital printing also allows you to protect your product with security features such as micro-printing and UV invisible inks that you can see only with an ultraviolet light or “black” light.

Determine if Digital Labels are the Best Option

Figuring out the best solution for your label depends on many factors:

  • Quantity of labels
  • Turnaround time
  • Label design
  • Number of label variations

When printing labels with a flexographic or offset press, you’ll incur an initial setup and changeover cost. We first make a printing plate with your design then use that plate to press your design onto the label material. This process is very efficient and cost effective for large quantities of labels. Digital labels save you the setup cost but carry a higher per-unit cost for large runs. We recommend using digital labels for small runs but not always for the largest orders.

Digital labels can usually be printed in the fastest turnaround times possible when the press is operating at highest efficiency so if you’re on a tight deadline, digital labels may be the best option. If you need VDP technologies such as micro-printing or variable printing or if you want to print many different versions of a label in one print run, then you will need to go with a digital solution.

Start Your Project Today

At Traco Packaging, we have the expertise and printing capabilities to create any look on your digital label. We can add many customizations including foil stamping, embossing, specialty laminate and varnish finishes in matte and gloss, screen printing, and much more. Our team is here to help you with your project from start to finish. No matter what your brand or complexities of your order, we will help you achieve the label you want.

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