Traco Packaging recognizes that one of the most significant challenges today and for future generations is achieving a sustainable Earth. The accomplishment of this goal depends on our ability to understand our responsibility to the environment and our customers. Traco is committed to sustainability and our responsibilities in manufacturing to enable us to maximize Earth’s resources to produce environmentally friendly products.

It is our mission to operate our business with minimal environmental impact and help our customers do the same by offering green products and services to help them meet their sustainability needs and goals. The following initiatives help us reach these goals:

  • Efficient utilization of natural resources
  • Optimization of our systems and logistics
  • Protection of employee health and safety
  • Reduce waste, reuse and recycle unavoidable waste


To help us further our commitment to protect the environment and help our customers, we are shifting focus of our product lineup. Traco will only use traditional PVC shrink film for applications where PVC is best suited. For most other film applications, Traco will focus on using more environmentally friendly films.

Because of the benefits of environmentally friendly films, Traco Packaging can better commit to a sustainable approach to keeping our products “green.” We hope that with our continued commitment to the environment, we can help our customers do the same to meet their sustainability needs and goals.

What Can I Do?

As we move forward to the future, we ask our customers to ask themselves what they can do to help further a “green” or sustainable initiative. If you currently use a non-recyclable or non-sustainable shrink film for your product or products, please feel free to ask us about recyclable or sustainable solutions. Call 800-284-9727 or contact us here. Together, we can find the right solution for you and your products.

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