L-Bar & Tunnel

also known as: TM-1519, tm-1519, tm 1519, TM 1519, L-bar and tunnel, l-bar and tunnel, shrink sealer, centerfolded shrink wrap sealer, shrink wrap sealer, seal and shrink equipment, shrink wrapper.

The TM-1519 provides easy 120-volt operation and minimal maintenance. Shrink 10 or more packages per minute in the largest, most efficient tunnel of its class.

A powerful magnetic arm hold-down ensures even pressure for perfect seals. The variable-speed conveyor with TeflonĀ® power take-away belt and live rollers enable fast and trouble-free tunnel processing. Competitive price.

Details: Tunnel features 360-degree, fully re-circulating airflow, adjustable loading tray, and height-adjustable heavy-duty seal head with stainless steel film clamps. Pre-assembled console stand with L-bar sealer & conveyor comes with efficient tunnel chamber for one compact unit.

TM-1519 L-bar and tunnel, semi-automatic machine


TM-1510 L-Bar and Tunnel brochure


Reccomended Film

Polyolefins: SSPY, SSPXi

PVC: High Gloss, Machine Grade.


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