Tamper-Evident Bands for Maximum Safety

One of the most popular trends in packaging today is the use of tamper-evident neck bands. Manufacturers use them most commonly in pharmaceutical, food and beverage products, and heat shrinkable tamper-evident seals offer several benefits. Let’s look at some of the top reasons why tamper-evident bands continue to be a foundation in packaging methods.


Tamper-evident seals firstly serve as a way of protecting consumer safety. Tamper-evident banding is a requirement for many products, especially pharmaceutical because it greatly increases the integrity of a product. This came about initially because of multiple incidents in Chicago, Illinois, in 1982, where bottles of the brand pain reliever, Tylenol, had been tampered with cyanide. Seven people died as a result of the tampering. Later, additional “copy-cat” attacks in other places in the United States expedited manufacturers efforts to protect their products and the consumers. Johnson & Johnson, owner of Tylenol, reintroduced capsules in a new, triple-sealed package which included a sealed heat shrink band around the neck. Banding prevents opening of the product without detection since it can’t be resealed once it’s open. This means the product remains untouched since production or bottled without contamination. The incidents inspired the pharmaceutical, food, and other consumer product industries to develop tamper-resistant packaging and improved quality control methods.

Consumer Confidence

If tamper-evident seals enhance consumer safety, then seeing these bands will make products more appealing to consumers at the point of purchase. Customers want to know that a product is sterile and untouched. This tamper-evident banding gives them a peace of mind, especially when choosing between brands. Unlike an inner seal hidden by a cap, the consumer can immediately tell by a neck band if the product has been opened or not. Consumers can rest assured that the product they are choosing hasn’t been touch or tampered with since it was packaged.

Packaging Enhancement

Another way that tamper-evident bands help improve products is by helping to secure the lid of the package to its container. This additionally helps maintain freshness or to prevent accidental mishaps in which the lid separates from the container. Tamper-evident seals can also extend down the neck of bottles where it will hide the fill line. Fill line coverage compensates for the differences in liquid filling machines and container volumes, especially glass. Product brands don’t want to give consumers the idea that bottles can be “under filled” due to variability. Other enhancements on the neck band include surface area for graphics and marketing design elements such as colors and logos, increasing package appeal.

Why Should I Use Tamper-Evident Packaging?

You sell your products to generate revenue for your company, so the safety of your products for the consumer is important to the life of your brand. Your product must survive shipping from your facility to being placed on the shelf, and then after placement, many different people will potentially handle the package. This makes safety a priority. During shipment, tamper-evident seals will help keep your package from opening, reducing the chance of damaged goods. On the shelf, having a durable, safely sealed package is also one of many appeals to consumers. A tamper-evident seal shows that a manufacturer cares for the safety of those who buy their products which will in turn build consumer confidence and loyalty.

As mentioned earlier in the case from Chicago, if someone intends to harm others and targets your products, a tamper-evident package will help stop a similar tragedy from occurring again and keep your products from being compromised.

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