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Industrial Shrink Wrap System

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Industrial Shrink Wrap System Engineered for High Volume Pre-Form Users Who Need:

  • Automated Pre-Form Application
  • Reduced Inventory
  • Reduced Labor Costs
  • Faster Lead Times
  • Recapture of Warehouse Space
  • Lower Freight Costs
  • No Inventory Obsolescence

7 Lean Benefits of the New SuperSealer Shrink Band System

  1. Labor Costs
    The Industrial Shrink Wrap System automatically forms and shrinks the film onto the container, matching the shape and size automatically—all in-line without manual labor.
  2. Material / Film Costs
    Slash 50% – 70% off the material costs for conventional pre-forms.
  3. Freight Costs
    You can now ship one pallet of film that equals an entire truckload of pre-forms. One pallet vs. one truckload—you do the math!
  4. Drastically Shorter Lead Times
    Traditional pre-forms require multiple SKUs with long lead times and are labor intensive to apply. Now you can have one pallet of film on your floor that will form to any size, any shape of custom container and application is automated up to 35 PPM!
  5. Supply Interruptions
    Changeover from one size to another in 45 seconds—run random-sized containers of similar height with zero changeover time.
  6. Inventory Carrying Costs
    One film roll size fits any size or shape container. That’s it. No more nesting and de-nesting of multiple shapes and sizes and trying to juggle inventory space.
  7. Obsolete Inventory
    Eliminate all pre-form aging and obsolescence. With one-size-fits-all film, you’ll always have the perfect amount with our industrial shrink wrap system.
SuperSealer Shrink Band System

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