Shrink Bags & Gift Basket Bags

Shrink Bags and Gift Basket Bags

Also known as: dome bags, gift basket bags, polyolefin bags, PVC bags, seamless shrink bags, side-seam free bags, promotional bags, multipack bags, RPMA gift bags.

SuperShrink™ dome bags are convenient shrink bags, gift basket bags, and multi-pack products. Dome shrink bags can be used to seal items in baskets, as well as seal multi-pack items together. They are convenient, easy to use and look great.

Dome bags are also specifically available in 2mil thickness for shipping your products for protection and to avoid spillage when shipping from fulfillment centers such as Amazon who now require this protection.

Many Options with Shrink Bags, Shrink Wrap Bags, Gift Basket Bags, Dome Bags and More!

Traco’s dome bags are the clearest and toughest shrink bags on the market. By applying heat, the bags shrink to fit any shape, offering protection and tamper proofing for your products.

They meet FDA compliance for direct or indirect food contact. With so many options we are sure to have a style and size to fit your needs. We offer the following Shrink Bag options:

  • Polyolefin/PVC/PLA/PET/OPS: Various types of shrink bags for all your shrink wrap needs.
  • Custom Arc and Dome Shapes: Our shrink bags and gift basket bags are available in dome and square shape bags. Vented bags can also help make application easier and provide a clean finished look for your products.
  • Stock and Custom Sizes – we carry sizes from 4 x 6 inches to 36 x 36 inches, but can also provide custom sizes from 4-40″ wide and up to 52″ long. Our sizes will fit any product and basket you carry.
  • Clear Bags –They are super clear for optimal product viewing when wrapped.
  • Printed Bags – We offer custom printed bags as well as bags of different colors. Check out our seasonal printed bags for holidays and special promotions.
  • PVC 1mil – 2mil shrink bags available
  • 2mil dome bags for shipping from fulfillment centers like Amazon for protection


Dome bags for shipping