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Introducing the SuperSealer Shrink Band System

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Traco Packaging Ends Dependence on High-Volume, High-Inventory Pre-forms for Tamper-Evident Seals

Traco Packaging, a Traco Manufacturing, LLC division, has created an automatic solution for high-volume preform users with a newly designed machine called the SuperSealer® Shrink Band System. After analyzing trends in the use of preformed shrink bands, Traco sought to make a machine capable of reducing the inventory, labor, and costs needed to apply preformed tamper-evident shrink bands. The new machine automates the creation and application of tamper-evident bands.

Of the recent debut, John Palica, Strategic Advisor to Traco Manufacturing, LLC, said, “This new machine will save manufacturers a lot of money because it eliminates the need of having to store an inventory of millions of preforms in different sizes. You can reduce an entire truckload of preforms to just one pallet. The machine also saves time and money in labor because you won’t need someone standing there hand-applying preforms. The new shrink band system can automate up to 35 PPM, and if you need to change to a new size, you can do it in less than a minute.”

7 Lean Benefits of the New SuperSealer Shrink Band System

  • Reduced Labor Costs – The Shrink Banding System automatically forms and shrinks the film onto the container, matching the shape and size automatically—all in-line without manual labor.
  • Reduced Material / Film Costs – Slash 50% – 70% off the material costs for conventional preforms.
  • Reduced Freight Costs – You can now ship one pallet of film that equals an entire truckload of preforms. One pallet vs. one truckload—you do the math!
  • Drastically Shorter Lead Times – Traditional preforms require multiple SKUs with long lead times and are labor-intensive to apply. Now you can have one pallet of film on your floor that will form to any size, any shape of custom container and application is automated up to 35 PPM.
  • Remove Supply Interruptions – Changeover from one size to another in 45 seconds—run random-sized containers of similar height with zero changeover time.
  • Reduced Inventory Carrying Costs – One film roll size fits any size or shape container. That’s it—no more nesting and de-nesting of multiple shapes and sizes and trying to juggle inventory space. Reclaim your warehouse space.
  • Eliminate Obsolete Inventory – Eliminate all preform aging and obsolescence. With a one-size-fits-all film, you’ll always have the perfect amount.