Meet the Newest Member of the Traco Team!

We are pleased to announce the newest member of the Traco team, the HP 25K Indigo Digital Press! This top-of-the-line digital printing press creates higher efficiency, allows for larger label runs, and offers a high demand product line for pouches. The HP 25K will be up and running in January 2022. Here’s a little more about our new press and how it can help your business.

Better Lead Times

With the current shipping crisis, the faster you can get your products out the door, the better. The high efficiency of the HP 25K Indigo creates better lead times without sacrificing the quality of the label/pouch. We get your labels printed quicker so you can fulfill them and deliver to your customers sooner.

Larger Label Runs

The HP 25K also facilitates larger label runs to meet your product demand. We can do large label runs for rollstock, stick packs, and stand-up pouch packaging. Plus, there’s no print plate costs!

New Capabilities

The HP 25k has opened more doors for our customers to get the look, feel, and exact packaging they want. We can print stand-up pouches and 3-side seal pouches in addition to our current printing options.

These new options give you more flexibility with how you present and deliver your product. There are also numerous finishes we can add to your packaging to make it look better and stand out on the shelves!

So, in summary, what does this mean for you?

 Better lead times
 Larger label runs
 No print plate costs
 Stand up pouches, 3 side seal pouches, rollstock, and stick

Contact your sales rep for more information on the new options, lead times, pricing, and all of your questions in-between. We’re here to help!

Garron Combs
Packaging Utah Sales Manager
801-852-8029 ext. 212

Rich Smith 
Traco Packaging Sales Manager
801-225-8040 ext. 282