Introducing HP SmartStream Collage

Launched in mid-2016, HP introduced SmartStream Mosaic making it possible to create one to millions of unique designs in digitally printed shrink sleeve labels. Using one or multiple seed artwork files, the art could be rotated, scaled, or changed in color to create different designs. Building upon this algorithm, HP later introduced HP SmartStream Collage. Collage is also an automated variable design feature for HP Indigo printing like Mosaic but with some key differences: Algorithms create random combinations of specified design elements to create large numbers of unique designs for unprecedented packaging impact. The variable design creates movement in the appearance of packaging across shelves.

HP Collage gives brands, agencies and converters the ability to create endless variations of a set of basic elements defined by the user. These elements can include images, text, or logos, then combined according to individual rules set by the user. Users control different parameters such as minimum and maximum number of repetitions for each element, rotation and/or size resulting in hundreds to millions of unique designs.

“Brands can now bring a new experience using variable design element printing, including for seasonal products and flavours, and attract attention to their products. The HP SmartStream Collage design software for HP Indigo digital printing offers big new packaging marketing potential,” said Michel Koch, head of pre-press digital at All4Labels.

You provide basic elements; HP Collage creates virtually unlimited variations on a centrally designed theme.

  • Each variation remains unique, and at the same time, tied to the same “family”
  • While each composition is unique, Collage enables brands to retain maximum control of their visual identity. Collage creates cohesive expressions that adhere to your defined brand guidelines

“HP Collage offers brands a new design tool for creativity and shelf impact, generating excitement and buzz for the product,” said Jose Gorbea, HP EMEA brand owner, Digital Print Solutions for Brands.

Case Study: Aqua d’Or

Danone was the first to use HP Collage in their holiday edition of its Sparkles flavored water brand, Aqua d’Or, with unique bottle designs produced by Folienprint Rako, an All4Labels Group company. The bottles featured winter-themed designs by the Danish artist Emil Kozak using line-drawn elements such as snowflakes, candy canes, and reindeer to create 100,000 unique labels for two berry flavors from Aqua d’Or Sparkles water.

“Aqua d’Or is spreading some holiday magic with playful designs on its flavored water bottles for celebrations using the new HP Collage design capability with HP digital printing,” said Line Giessing Jørgensen, brand manager at Danone. “This new software technology provides brands with the opportunity to amplify the seasonality of their products in creative ways.”

Aqua D'Or Sheet of Labels
Aqua D'Or Bottle with Collage

Increase Your Brand Value

HP Collage can help you increase your brand’s value by doing these three things:

  1. Engagement: Messaging and offers can be tailored to specific markets, segments or even an individual using variable printing. This creates meaningful engagement.
  2. Differentiation: Create packaging that stands out to make a visual impact on your customer and distinguish you from your competitors.
  3. Presence: Use the space on the shelf to tell your story, capture customers’ attention, and create a memorable retail experience.

Agility, flexibility, and the opportunity the change direction quickly, digital printing is the key solution to help increase consumer engagement & innovation, easily and efficiently. Traco Packaging can help you build your brand through custom digital printing on our HP Indigo 6900 Digital Presses. We can leverage HP SmartStream Collage to help you increase consumer engagement and increase sales. Call us at 800.284.9727 or request a quote now to start showcasing your brand!

King of Pops Collage Example

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