Heat Gun for Shrink Wrap & Labeling

HotShot® Heat Gun

Also known as: heat sealer, heat gun, professional strength heat gun, industrial heat gun, shrink gun, hand held heat sealer.

Simple to use, this variable temperature control heat gun has the power to shrink wrap products at the speed you need.

HotShot is versatile and lightweight with new “on-off” fingertip control and hand guard for additional safety. Excellent air velocity on high or low settings. 1 year U.S.A. limited warranty, UL and ULC approved.

Options: HotShot sold separately or bundled with portable SuperSealers. Heat gun Stand-n-Store self-adhesive safety stand, available separately.


  • Two-speed fan.
  • Variable temp (0-1100 degrees).
  • 1 year U.S.A. limited warranty, UL/ULC approved.
  • Self-standing.


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