Digital Printing

also known as: digital printing, flexo printing, corona treating, laminating, pressure sensitive labels, die-cutting, film seaming, slitting, UV coating, printed shrink labels.

Traco Manufacturing INC. is a leading U.S. printer, manufacturer and importer of shrink films, machines, and packaging equipment. For the past 30 years years our company has provided customers with packaging supplies of all varieties. Just a few of the packaging products our company offers are:

  • Cut Shrink Bands
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • Preform Shrink Bands
  • PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA Shrink Sleeves
  • Printed Shrink Sleeve Labels
  • Shrink Wrap Bags, custom and dome
  • Shrink Wrap Bags, stock (boxed)
  • PVC Shrink Films
  • Polyolefin Shrink Films

Digital Printing Services

The secret behind the success of our company lies in our digital printing services. Traco's digital print services offer the advantage of shorter run lengths with unmatched print quality. With Traco's digital print services your project can vary from ten impressions to thousands with quality that exceeds rotogravure printing . Whether your company is looking for printing services for shrink sleeves, pressure-sensitive labels, flow wrap film, or pouch film, Traco's digital printing services will produce quality labels that will make your product stand out.

Digital Printing Machines

Traco Manufacturing Inc. recently became the first company in North America to install an HP Indigo Press ws4500 dedicated to shrink sleeve production. The new printing machine installation gives Traco the ability to increase production of high-quality printed shrink sleeve products with a fast turnaround time and many customization options. Prior to this installation, Traco offered printed shrink sleeves and film produced overseas using rotogravure printing technology. Traco installed the HP Indigo Press to meet increased customer demand for faster turnaround times, customized text and images, and shorter run lengths. Additionally, Traco's Indigo press has helped our company streamline production by eliminating the high cost of cylinder plates and airfreight, while offering the high-quality output and service our customers demand.

Shrink Wrap

Our digital printing press is capable of creating labels with hi-fidelity color. Depending on the requirements of your product packaging you can choose between our 4-color CMYK process, or our extended gamut 6-color process. Whichever process you choose, you can expect your printed packaging to be printed with the highest quality available. With our quality service to back it, our digital printing services make Traco an industry leader in printed packaging. If your company is looking to improve the image of your product, our digital printing services provide the perfect solution.


Digital Printing

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