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PVC brochure

PVC SuperShrink™ Film

Master Rolls in Single Wound or Center Folded as well as converted roll lengths. An industry favorite for over 25 years because it works. Extremely durable with exceptional seam strength and sparkling clarity. SuperShrink™ PVC meets FDA requirements for direct food contact.

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Polyolefin brochure

Polyolefin SuperShrink™ Film

Master Rolls in Single Wound or Center Folded as well as converted roll lengths. Superior optical properties, package durability and seam strength. SuperShrink™ polyolefin shrink films are competitive next-generation films designed for soft shrink, strength, and improved machineability on manual and automatic equipment.

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Bags Bands and Sleeves brochure

Bags, Bands and Sleeves

Be the "Leader of the Band" with Traco SuperShrink™ line of film products. Superior reflective properties improve customer appeal for single items and multi-pack promotions while protecting packages with SuperShrink™ Bags, Bands and Sleeves.

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Tamper Evident brochure

Tamper Evident Bands, Preforms and Tubing

Custom manufactured to meet the most stringent customer specifications. Tolerances meet or exceed all industry standards. Enjoy the largest selection of sizes in the industry coupled with quick response time for custom runs, rush orders or just-in-time deliveries.

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Preform Shrink Band Stock Sizes support literature

Stocked Preform Shrink Bands, Standard Sizes

Save valuable time when you order standard size Preform Shrink Bands. List of in stock Preform bands for orders that can ship within 2 business days.

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Dome Bags, RPMA brochure

Gift Basket and Dome Bags

Choose the exact bag for your products and budget. Bags come in clear, tinted and seasonal prints (in stock) or design your own. Conservative printing minimums so anyone can give it a try. Absolutely the clearest & toughest FDA compliant direct contact food-grade bags in the USA.

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Digital Printing

Digital Printing

The secret behind the success of our company lies in our digital printing services. Traco's digital print services offer the advantage of shorter run lengths with unmatched print quality. With Traco's digital print services your project can vary from ten impressions to thousands with quality that exceeds rotogravure printing.

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Printed Shrink Labels brochure

Printed Shrink Labels

Sparkling full-color labels improve packaging and presentation at a fraction of the cost of traditional labels. Boost customer appeal and lower purchase, storage and production costs—-product lines are different even with the same basic container. Great for multipack promotions or single items Digital print,rotogravure, and flexographic printing available.

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Deluxe SuperSealer and Wand SuperSealer brochure

SuperSealer Shrink Wrap Systems

Portable, lightweight and sleek, SuperSealers® are built to last. Comes complete with one FREE roll of film, ultra-light HotShot® variable temperature heat gun, maintenance kit and industry-leading 2-year warranty. No assembly required. SuperSealer® is the number 1 selling manual shrinkwrap system worldwide.

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TM-1510 L-Bar and Tunnel brochure

TM-1519 L-Bar and Tunnel

Output 10-20 packages per minute, just unpack to "plug & play" and enjoy easy 120-volt operation and maintenance. Competitively priced to deliver the best value in its class.

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TM-Pac II One Step

This unique "ALL-IN-ONE" L'Sealer and shrink chamberis only 56" in total length and features a 12" W x 18.5" L seal area. Featuring new "Band Seal Technology"that seal and shrink PVC or Polyolefin Shrink Films.

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HotShot Industrial Strength Heat Gun brochure

HotShot Professional Heat Gun

Variable temperature control for the power to shrink wrap products at the speed you need. Versatile and lightweight with new hand guard for additional safety. Simple to use — go from novice to expert with minimal effort. Excellent air velocity on high or low settings.

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Impulse Bag Sealers brochure

Impulse Bag Sealers

Impulse and constant-heat bag sealers are safe, economical, fast and built to last. Perfect for sealing Polyethelene, Polypropylene, PVC, Foil and Surlyn, Mylar or Bubble Pack/Padded Mailers.6

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stock PVC bags brochure

Stock Shrink Bags

Square and domed stock bags in standard sizes are fast and easy to use. Just drop your product into a bag, then seal the open end. Bags are heat shrinkable to 40% and designed for quick-shrink micro-perf venting without ballooning.

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SuperGlide™ Turntable brochure

SuperGlide™ Turntable

Gift baskets require a beautifully efficient 360 degree view of all angles and professional control of air flow during the shrink process. Built to last and easy to use, this industrial grade unit is food safe and comes with a 1-year warranty. The heat-resistant, quick-clean surface always looks new with a simple wipe of a cloth. Attractive design is suitable for display.

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Heat Gun Stand and Store accessory

Heat Gun Stand & Store Accessory

Keep your heat gun handy and safe in the same position and place. The black-glazed metal accessory comes ready to mount on your SuperSealer® or any convenient work surface. One piece, heat-resistant, industrial-strength metal is built to last the life of your SuperSealer.

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Mock-Ups and Prototypes

Mock-Ups & Prototypes

The advantage of making mock-ups and prototypes gives you the ability to see your final product just as it will appear on store shelves or your customer’s hands. Traco’s Digital Print solutions for mock-ups and prototypes offer a professional touch for your next product launch or presentation. Give them what they want: a “hands-on” experience with your new product.

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