Bag Sealer Equipment for Shrink Wrap & Labeling

Bag Sealer Equipment from Traco Packaging

Also known as: econo bag sealer, portable bag sealer, impulse sealers, constant-heatsealer, crimp sealer, hand-held sealer, tish, thc 150, tisa, tisf, ths, impulse bag sealers.

Traco Packaging offers bag sealers in many sizes and types. Plastic bag sealers are used to seal items in bags such as CDs, books, pamphlets, calendars, or any miscellaneous products. Bag sealers are also known as: econo bag sealers, portable and tabletop bag sealers, impulse sealers, constant heat sealers, crimp sealers, hand sealers, tish, tisa, tisf, ths, and impulse bag sealers.

Impulse Sealers and TISH Sealer Equipment

Our TISH impulse bag sealers are popular, durable, and hand operated. They come in different models and sizes including: TISH-100/4″, 200/8″, 300/12″, 400/16″, 500/20″ all available with an optional cutter blade for removal of scrap or excess material. Our Econo Bag Systems come with a Sealer, HotShot® Heat Gun and stock shrink bags. We also carry the following:

  • TISF –Extra large, foot-operated bag sealer. Model/sizes: TISF-300/12″, TISF-450/18″, TISF-600/24″.
  • THS –Large, dual “hot jaws” foot-operated bag sealer. Model/sizes: THS-200/8″, THS-300/12″, THS-400/16″.
  • TISA –Extra large, table-top automatic or foot operated bag sealer. Model/sizes: TISA-450/18″, TISA-600/24″. Dial controls for automatic cycle frequency, heat seal time and pressure time settings.
  • THC-150 –Small hand-held crimp sealer comes in versatile 6″ size. Great for balloons, small gift bags or novelties. Hand operated with constant-heat Teflon sealing surface.

The Best Plastic Bag Sealer Equipment

With over 30 years in business and over 200 years of combined packaging experience, Traco Packaging is your best choice for product packaging and sealers. We can help you find the perfect solution for your product packaging needs.

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